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Sunday, January 8, 2017

No Second Chance

Alice Lambert (Alexandra Lamy) & Richard Millot (Pascal Elbé) in
No Second Chance on Netflix
What we have here is an insane crime drama with an extra dollop of emotional jerking. There are six episodes in the series and we watched them all in two nights. The characters are good enough that we wanted to find out what happened, and the plot is twisted enough that there is no plausible explanation for any of it, but I have to admit they came up with a pretty good resolution to the story.

To give an example of the insanity, one character gets shot through the heart, and not only do they survive, but a week later they are out and about, running around town with no more than a large band-aid to cover the wound.

And then there are all the bits that get repeated so often they begin to get annoying, like someone's cell phone ringing just when a crucial clue is about to be revealed, or the cell phone battery dies, or the bad guy sneaks up and clobbers someone who should have been aware of their surroundings. And poor Richard. He is constantly getting struck, kicked, beaten or otherwise clobbered.

Dumb, but entertaining.

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