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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Oh Yeah

Yello - Oh Yeah (Remix 2016)

Story in the WSJ this morning about how this song has made a fortune for the writer, a fortune so large that he was able to buy a 400 square mile ranch in Argentina. Unfortunately, the story is behind a paywall, but they have a video that gives some highlights.

I don't recognize the title, so I go look it up on YouTube and I am severely disappointed. It's not really a song at all, it's more like background music, which might explain why I didn't recognize the title, or even the tune (if there is one). The only recognizable feature is the deep bass voicing of the title phrase. So if this tune didn't make it to the top of the pop charts, how did it make so much money? By being background music in a whole bunch of movies and videos.

This video (above) is all jiggly girls and fast cars, the two things most likely to garner an exclamation of 'Oh Yeah' from male observers. Males, at some level, are very simple creatures. In any case, here is a little light entertainment to start your day.

Update January 29th (the next day) rewrote some, added some.

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