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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another Forced Landing in a Frozen Hell

Iqualuit, Canada (red marker right in the middle)
Greenland is white area in the upper right, Hudson Bay is in the lower left.
A SwissAir airliner suffered an engine failure on February 1 which forced a landing in Iqualuit. The airstrip got its start, like many others, during WW2 when it was known as Frobisher Bay Air Base.

Antonov An-124 UR-82007 in Zurich
Somebody chartered an Antonov An-124 to fly a replacement engine from Zurich to Iqualuit, where the ground crew had erected an igloo around the broken engine.

Antonov visits Iqaluit

That's the second time in four months that I have heard about an airliner being forced down someplace remote.

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