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Sunday, February 5, 2017


We just finished watching season 1 of this series and  it is nuts.  We've got all the standard ingredients for a crime show: cops, lawyers, kidnapping, murder, mayhem, sex, and prostitution. On top of that we have a higher level of politics and corruption. And then there is the elephant in the room that no one will talk about. We don't know what it is, but it must be big, because everyone seems to be walking around it. They drag it out for so long, it gets to be irritating, but by the end of the show it has become obvious that the rot runs deep. Corruption can be found everywhere, but from where I sit in my cozy little cell, corruption in Latin America is much worse than it is here in the USA. I don't really know of course. Maybe the criminals here are just better at covering their tracks. Or maybe because I am well fed and warm my perceptions are distorted.

There is a thread of a story running through all this, but it can be a little hard to keep a hold of it with all the random drama popping up, not to mention the red herrings. Nothing is revealed, they are saving that for season 2. Or 3 or however long they can drag this out.

Most of the show is set in Buenos Aires and it looks just like any big city with skyscrapers and modern offices. At first we were guessing that maybe it was set in Mexico or Spain, but it wasn't until I checked that I found it was set in Argentina.

San Carlos de Barlioche
The last few episodes appear to be set in San Carlos de Barlioche, which is nestled up against the Andes mountains.

Estocolmo is Spanish for Stockholm, as in the Stockholm Syndrome. Identidad perdida translates as 'lost identity'.

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