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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday Night

Hillsboro Chevron, and what do you know? One island is closed.
Took the car to the Chevron station this evening. Only one island was open, and all four of the pumps there were occupied. When I do get to a pump the attendant tells me the gas door (filler) is on the other side, so I need to move my car. What, your hose isn't long enough to reach the other side of the car? What kind of crummy gas station is this anyway? But now I'm wondering whether A) the hose was really too short or B) he was just pulling my chain because it was easier for him to tell me to move the car than it was to drag the hose to the far side of the car. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that it was indeed a case of A), what kind of gas stations is this? Or more properly what kind of people go here? Are most people programmed to pull up on 'correct' side of the pump (i.e. the side that will put it closest to the opening for the gas tank filler pipe)? Or do people who can't be bothered with that kind of trivia just don't go to stations like this?

In any case, I didn't give the attendant a bad time, I just moved my car. And yes, I am one of those people who knows which side my gas cap is buttered on. This is only time I recall I have ever gotten it wrong, and it was only because I decided to forgo the rules. After all, Freddy doesn't care which side the gas goes in, their hoses are plenty long.


Ole Phat Stu said...

My VW New Beetle has a static arrowhead symbol next to the fuelpump symbol on the instrument display.
The arrowhead shows you which side the filler cap is on.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I knew a guy who had an old Jaguar sedan with dual fuel filler caps, one on each side. The car was painted with lacquer so every fill up was fraught with terror.