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Saturday, February 4, 2017

I got your Jihad right here . . .

A search was conducted at this hotel in rue de Ponthieu (8th arrondissement), where the main suspect of the attack of the Louvre would have stayed. LP / OLIVIER ARANDEL
No explosives found on him
On Friday morning at around 9:45 the man burst into the gallery of the Carrousel du Louvre carrying two backpacks. After he approached the soldiers on patrol, he took out two machetes to attack them. According to prefect of Paris Michel Cadot, the man rushed at the soldiers, “uttered threats” and shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.In the report, the aggressor, aged about thirty, was seriously wounded in the flank and buttocks. He was conscious when taken away by the ambulance. No explosives were found in his backpacks.The man fought and risked being killed to try and gain entrance to the Louvre with a satchel full of PAINT BOMBS. - Le Parisien via Vlad Tepes.
Paint bomb? Perhaps balloons filled with paint that he was planning to throw on the most famous paintings in the museum. I suspect these nut cases are coming to the West to make a nuisance of themselves because the secret police back home would have crushed him.
    There are two ways we can go on this. We can turn all of Western Civilization into a police state and track down and kill all these rabid dogs. Or we can embark on a 500 year education plan to eliminate ignorance. Nobody is willing to wait for 500 years, we want it now, whatever it is, so police state here we come.

Via Sharon


sharon sedeen said...

OR,.... we COULD become reasonably self-preservation-istic and go the PASSIVE ROUTE of flying them back home on OUR DIME,
thus preventing our becoming Nationally psychotic about policing them, (which inherently contains violence in it's concept),
I'll even kick off the campaign for this civil resolution by donating the first 25 cents.

Chuck Pergiel said...

How do you identify potential terrorists, especially when they are doing their best to conceal themselves? Finding these guys before they stage an attack is what the Patriot Act and all the surveillance is about. There is kind of thin line behind between total surveillance and tyranny, and what side of the line we are on depends on where you are standing.