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Monday, February 6, 2017


Ricardo Montalban as Khan Noonian Singh in the Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan
Because I needed a picture of a Khan, and who is the most memorable Khan? Ricardo, of course.
I'm thinking about getting my own domain name and while I know what name I want, I am not sure what suffix I should choose. Com is the common one and it might be okay, but this isn't really going to be a commercial site, it's just me mucking about. The great committee that decides these things has recently added a whole bunch of new suffixes, so I go take a look, and one of the first ones that jumps out at me is akdn, which belongs to the Aga Khan Development Network. Aga is the model moderate Muslim. Seems to be all about good works and tolerance. Doesn't seem to be Jihadist bone in his body.

That name reminds me of the Khan Academy. Determined daughter is studying chemistry and she finds the YouTube videos from Khan Academy (warning: autoplay video) very helpful. Are these two related? Not as near as I can tell.

Then there was the Opium Khan character in the novel Angelmaker that I just finished reading. He was a real nasty villain. Evil personified describes him well.

We recently watched  the first season of Marco Polo on Netflix, where a young Marco spends a year in Kublai Khan's court. It wasn't the greatest show on Earth, but it had some interesting bits, like using trebuchets against the Chinese, who were armed with primitive guns.

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