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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Richie Rich

Bentley (the car people) have a new ad campaign for selling their over-the-top lux mobiles to people with more money than god, and it starts with this image of Dubai, which has the world's highest concentration of potential Bentley customers. Bentley knows what side their bread is buttered on, and it's the side covered with sand and oil.

The original image has a zillion pixels. You can see it, and pan and zoom, here. Funny thing is that there are almost no people visible. Oh, there are a few people walking around at ground level, but no crowds like you might you see in a real metropolis, that is, one with a climate that makes going outside something you could do without being fried to crisp.

All the windows in all the skyscrapers, at least the ones close enough to provide enough detail, also seem to be devoid of people. Does anybody actually live in all these exotic palaces? Maybe they do, but they are all hiding in air-conditioned inner chambers away from the sun's burning glare. Or maybe they have all flown away to someplace with tolerable temperatures.

But back to the Bentley. You can't have a car ad without the car and it's right there in the center, parked on the roundabout sticking out into the water.

The whole tone, or maybe texture, of this digital image kind of reminds of the video game The Sims. It's like it's not real, but maybe that was the effect they were shooting for.

Update: While I was talking about the color / brightness / hue in the images, another part of this 'Sims' effect could be the apparent isometric view of the car. Everything in The Sims, or at least in the versions my kids played, was depicted in an isometric view. Most pictures of cars are shot from much closer, so perspective frames the image. This one is not absolutely isometric, but when you are looking from far away, the effect of perspective is minimized and it looks like an isometric view.

Dubai is on the Persian Gulf, near the straight of Hormuz.

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