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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Fiat 126P
Syafolee got a postcard from Poland with a picture of a car on it (above). The card is from Centrum Promocji Motoryzacji, a Polish outfit that deals with cars. They have a website. They have several makes and models listed, including the infamous Trabant and something called the Syrena, that looks kind of cool. The Syrena they have pictured is a prototype sports model from 1960. It never made it to production, but there is also a more utilitarian model that was the standard Polish car for decades. Two stroke engines, two or three cylinders, much like an old Saab. Looking on YouTube I found this clip:

Funter , Arrinera Hussarya , Syrena , Syrenka , Car Project's from Poland

Looks like car culture is flourishing in Poland. The tune is Heart Afire by Defqwop featuring Strix.

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