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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Twisting DNA

Why Women Are Stripey

They (women) aren't actually stripey, at least they don't look that way because we don't have chromosome vision.  I liked the animation, and the bit about the cellualar level fight between the two X-chromosomes was interesting. Makes me wonder if the same thing is going with all the other normally paired chromosomes.

The part that isn't explained here, and which I haven't seen anywhere, is how DNA gets untwisted enough that it can be read. Because DNA isn't just twisted like a rope, it's curled up, and then recurled, and then curled some more, as this video shows.

✔ DNA Replication Animation - Super EASY

(, shown on the bottom of the video doesn't exist, though there is a YouTube channel with that name.)

It might be that the DNA does get completely untwisted when only a short segment needs to get copied. In that case perhaps only a short segment gets untwisted, kind of like when you are trying to splice a rope or cable.

Fastest loadsling splicer...1 1/8" X 28' .in 3min 20sec (greasy rope).DCR (

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