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Monday, April 10, 2017

Uniberp's Progress

Still working on the cabin in Muskegon, Michigan:
Triage continues. After finishing demolishing and replacing all the garage roof decking with 35 pieces of 1/2" OSB and covering with battened down roofing felt, which made it wind-and-watertight, and having heard that OSB can withstand a certain amount of exposure, I decided this weekend to take it easy and  do cleanup and estimating, which included 2 trips to the dump to offload 1800 lbs of old roof.  Will-calling a crate of new steel roof of 44 pieces 15 feet long weight 850 lbs, to save maybe $100 on delivery was not so smart, but using Egyptian lever and roller methodology got it off the trailer and stowed inside.
What started out as the following day of survey turned pretty readily into resigned belly crawling in the 24 inch sand crawlspace, cutting away someones' misguided ambitious project of running 10 runs of romex through individually drilled holes, presumably to offer a semblance of code compliance. In order to position new joists for sistering along the old ones, a Bolivian jungle of old PVC water pipes also had to be hacked away.
A cleaner hole is left. One with better defined margins. The next steps seem a little more obvious. I look forward to next weekend.
Previous post on this project here.

OSB is Oriented Strand Board, or chipboard in your common parlance. I can't understand why it's called 'oriented', to me it looks more like disoriented strand board.

He sent me the coordinates, so I thought I'd use Google's StreetView to take a look at the place. Surprise, Streetview doesn't go down Miner Avenue. It looks like a perfectly good street so I don't know why it hasn't been recorded. Could it be that Google is getting lazy?
Lake Muskegon, Michigan, looking East
The cabin is about a mile from the ferry terminal on the South shore of Lake Muskegon, which reminds me that I put up a post about a ferry running across Lake Michigan. Could it be the same ferry? No, it's a different one.

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