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Friday, June 23, 2017

Sherwood Auto Body

Sherwood Auto Body & Others
So I've been idling away dreaming about my Space Car and I thought I would go visit some shops that were in the business. Sherwood Auto Body was the closest, so this morning I paid them a visit. Restoring old classic cars is more a sideline for them. The manager did show me a photo of a '64 Thunderbird they are working on. New paint, new upholstery. Naturally enough he wants real money for it. Probably cheaper than buying one and doing the repairs piecemeal, but 25K is still a big chunk of change to lay out all at once.

1964 Ford Thunderbird
Not the Sherwood car, just so you can see what a 64 looks like.
Their main operation is collision repair and boy, are they busy. There are at least three other businesses in the building: an Aamco transmission shop, a Meineke muffler shop and one more that either does detailing or stereos. The first two, Aamco and Meineke, were dead. It didn't look like they were even alive. There were a few cars parked at the sound shop, but the body shopped was jammed. It was even worse than what is shown in the photo above.

Makes me wonder how the Meineke and Aamco shops survive. I wonder if the franchisees are happy with their investment.

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