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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Some things I noticed during my travels.

Someone skillfully trimmed two light switch wall-plates to make a single-switch cover for a duplex box.

A well organized, complex natural gas distribution manifold

Alaska Airlines outside boarding ramp. Remember when we used stairs?
This thing is elaborate, complicated and probably cost more than a fancy car.
Perfect Hallway in the La Quinta motel in Omaha. It was so perfect it looked like it could have 
been a projection, like when Tom Cruise visits the Kremlin in that Mission Impossible movie.


AndrewP said...

In descending order, I like:
1) The gas manifold
2) the hallway
3) the portable stairs
4) lastly, the switchplate, though I appreciate the care and skill that went into making the precision cuts.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Thank you.