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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Where There's Fire, There's Smoke

Ash on the hood of my truck
Bunch of forest fires burning in the Pacific Northwest this week. Go out to bring in the trash can this morning and there is a thin sprinkling of ash on the lid. The sky is overcast, and it's a funny sort of color, not the simple gray you get with a normal overcast. This one has a tinge of brown or orange. There is also a thin layer of ash on my truck. This is very different than the last time.

Dim Sun
Walking to the mailbox this evening I notice that the sun is looking a little orange.

I'm looking out my office window half of which is covered by a screen. The uncovered portion looks fine, but looking through the screened half it looks like it is raining, or hailing, or something is falling from the sky. Go outside and no sign of anything. It is very odd.

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