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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Eye Drop Commercial from Germany: Augen Vital Kapsel

Eye Drop Commercial from Germany: Augen Vital Kapsel

Via Cop Car's Beat wherein 3-ring binders are discussed. I have three book shelves of 3-ring binders. Half of them are full of old computer notes that I never look at anymore except on the rare occasion when I pull them out to see if there is anything useful in there. There isn't, but I put a lot of work into compiling them so there they sit. Half of the rest hold information about the house. I pull them out occasionally to look for something that might help with my problem du jour. I might have found something useful in there once.

I have a zillion files on my computer, okay, not really a zillion, but I've afraid to count them. Half might be source code for computer programs that I have written, most of which I wrote for entertainment purposes, i.e. to see if I could solve a programming puzzle, not for anything useful. Google provides all the application programs I need: the Chrome browser, Drive, Gmail and Blogger. I also have a zillion files on Google Drive.

I used to keep most of my stuff in file folders, but I eventually figured out that file cabinets are like write only memory: anything that went in there was never seen again. I still do paper for anything involving money, but it takes due diligence to keep the accumulated paper from becoming a mountain. I moved from file folders to three ring binders 20 odd years ago, and gave up storing any kind of technical information on paper about ten years ago, about the same time I got laid off and started this blog.

I still keep a pad of paper and a can of pens and pencils on my desk. I use it for quick figuring and making today's to-do list. Today I'm going to Freddie's and maybe Lowe's. We need some food and I have some home repairs to do. I am a little leary about buying parts for all the repair projects I have in mind (they aren't big, and the materials will cost less than $100) because I have a bad habit of intending to fix something, buying the materials and then . . . nothing. For months. So now I try to only buy what I am going to use today. I may end up making more trips to the store, and I might miss out on quantity discounts, but I already have one room chock full of stuff that is doing nothing but waiting for their turn on stage, which we know is never going to happen.

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