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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese on the set of Goodfellas
Kirkorian writes about Martin and Raging Bull and some kind of kerfluffle about which movie is better than which. Some people seem to think Raging Bull is a great movie. I hated it. It might be a very well made movie, but the hero was an effing jerk, and I don't need that kind of crap. I suppose it's good to have a movie that portrays an effing asshole for what he is, but I ain't gonna watch it. I've run into enough real life jerks that I don't need any fictional ones. Why anyone would willingly watch this movie is beyond me.

I have seen several of the movies Martin has made, and all of them, except Raging Bull were pretty great. Although I didn't watch the entire movie, I included Raging Bull on this list to show where it fits in the chronology.

Martin Scorsese
Producer | Director | Actor | Other
Born: November 17, 1942 in Queens, New York City, New York, USA

Robert DeNiro was in four of these films, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Pesci (professional twerp), Frank Vincent (typecast as a gangster) and Charles Scorsese (Martin's father) were in two each.

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