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Thursday, November 9, 2017

RV Dream

Zephyr RV
I wake up in bed with a girl. We're in an RV parked on a city street. We are both naked and the windows have no curtains. Fortunately there don't seem to be any people around. She wraps a sheet around herself and runs off. I wrap myself in a sheet but then I find a pair of shorts and put them on. This RV is like one of those big greyhound bus things. It is evidently new to me because I am checking out the curtains (blinds). I find one porthole-like window high up in the left side near the front. There is a small chrome crank for operating the shade that covers the window, except that, from the inside, when it is open it doesn't look any different than when it is closed. I decide that perhaps it has something do with when the sun is shining directly in this window. Whatever, moving on I find a hatch just to the left of the porthole. The leading edge pushes into the wall to access what looks like an airduct, so it must be a vent. Moving forward I find a small chest of drawers, like a spice cabinet, sitting on a built in shelf. There are two parts to the chest, an upper part sitting on the lower part. I accidently bump into the upper part and it moves. It moves because it is not bolted down, which seems kind of careless for being in a motor vehicle, but then I wonder if being as the bus is so big and massive, the ride will be so smooth that securing this chest would be unnecessary. Seems unlikely, but I can set a mostly full coffee cup in the cup holder in my pickup and drive around town without spilling a drop. So maybe this is okay.

Navigator's Table in a Halifax Bomber
Looking above the chest and to the right I notice a hatch high up in wall. It looks like it might give access to some storage space for luggage. However when I open it, I notice there is small room up there with a backwards facing seat, a window and some stuff (equipment? junk?). It's like a navigator's station from a WW2 era bomber. From what I can see it looks like there is just enough room for one person. I wonder why this is seat up there. Is it so someone can spy on the occupants of the vehicle? Weird, man.

That is all.

P.S. I couldn't find any pictures of one of these large RV's parked on a city street, because nobody ever drives them into town. They live out on the open road and in RV parks. That's how you know this was a dream.

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AndrewP said...

Your dreams make up for my lack of them, I go to bed, read, fall asleep, wake with book in hand , light on, no dreams...maube 1 per year.