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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Bodyguard

Show Clips: THE BODYGUARD Tour starring Deborah Cox

Went to see The Bodyguard at Keller Auditorium with my wife last night. Lead was Deborah Cox, who seems to be a recording star in her own right. I guess she's a good singer, doesn't do anything for me. The Karaoke scene was hilarious. Spotted one celebrity: the coach for the Blazers.

I recognized a couple of the songs, but most of them, to me, were just so much noise. Maybe because my high frequency hearing is not all it should be, or maybe because it's not rock and roll. I dunno, it's just weird. The songs weren't repulsive like most of the moronic hip-hop that seems to be popular with some people, but they didn't appeal to me either.

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