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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The Disappearing Spoon, The Rooster and the Bearded Russian

This video showed up in inbox and being as I was in receptive state, I watched it. I liked hearing about the history of the periodic table.

[593] Gallium vs. Titalium - Abus Padlock Meets a Gruesome End

Then this video pops up. I've seen other lock picking videos before, possibly even by this same lock-picking lawyer, but they've never involved chemistry. Gallium is a very strange metal.

Gallium Vs Glass

So what else does YouTube have about Gallium? A whole bunch of stuff, but I thought this one was worth including.

Gallium Metal
Okay, the second video was made by a lawyer, and since all lawyers are rich, if he want's to spend a zillion dollars destroying a lock, he can. Turns out you can buy a small quantity (20 grams) from Amazon for not much money ($20), which works out to be a dollar a gram, so a pound of the stuff would set you back $454.

I've heard about these properties of Gallium, but watching the videos makes these strange properties much more real.

Gallium spoons are sold out on Amazon, but they do have a do-it-yourself kit.

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