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Friday, January 19, 2018


HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) stories from the North & South.

Uniberp reports on his latest home improvement project in Michigan:

Goodman  GMH80803BN Forced Air Furnace
I did pretty well last weekend replacing a central forced air 80k BTU 80% efficiency rated furnace.
About a year ago I purchased one online for about $500. Goodman  GMH80803BN.
It sat in the basement until Friday when the blower motor on the old one refused to start blowing.
I got my last dime outta that one.
The output flanges matched the sheet metal, so that fitted well. The furnace case is 5.5" shorter, so the whole thing is sitting on concrete blocks, off the floor, which is standard installation technique. I had to shorten the return plunum by 5.5" also, but that cut off nicely with a throatless electric shear.
Masterforce™ 12-Volt Cordless Metal Shear
...which is a tool I should have had 2 years ago when working on my steel roof.
Had one piece of 1/2 black pipe cut to length and threaded by the clerk at Home Depot, hooked up the gas line, color matched the wiring and humidifier transformer and it ran correctly.
The whole job took about 6 hours, once I got started in earnest Sunday about noon, plus a whole day off recovering from the effort, The house got down to 48 degrees, but I kept the basement/bed/bath warm with the pellet stove.
Now going to Muskegon with renewed confidence in re-building a downdraft crawlspace forced ari heating system. Hope to get out there this weekend.
Iaman relates a couple of stories from Texas:

Milwaukee Hole Hawg
Story 1:
My landlord Sam, an electrician, and I were talking about Dish network techs coming to the house tomorrow to install wiring.  I volunteered to let them in.  He was nervous that the salesman couldn't tell him how the cabling would be routed.  I offered that Dish would probably send a DACA kid with a Milwaukee Hole hog. to perforate his house.

Mobile Home
Story 2:
Sam then related of how he as a 16 YO kid working for his electrician father at $3.35 an hour.  By his lonesome, in his old pickup with a AC A-coil bouncing in the back,  would follow new mobile home trailers down dusty Texas roads to a clearing in the cedar break.  While the truck driver set the home on concrete blocks,  Sam would be in the 140 degree trailer, all of 90 lbs dripping with sweat, pounding the hell out of recalcitrant knock out panels,  No cordless hole hogs in that day.  The new proud owners outside worriedly yelling" Kid, what the hell are you doing to my beautiful new trailer?!?".
Once the panels were popped, the coil installed,  he'd route the lines, charge with Freon, connect the house to the pole power box.
The irate seating customers were invariably soothed when the felt the cool air blowing.  Ah home sweet trailer!
Sam then went on to the next trailer install. 

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