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Monday, February 12, 2018

Hybrid Semi Truck

Overhead view of Hyliion equipped tractor
Hyliion has a system for converting a semi tractor to operate as a hybrid. The name Hyliion looks to be made by squeezing Hybrid, lithium and ion together. The green pieces are what they supply. Some of them are just aero panels to improve streamlining. The others are involved with electro-motive force.

Via Iaman

Update a couple of hours later: I just now realized that there is a driveshaft in the picture. I misidentified two cross members as asphalt and the dark space between them as a mysterious black box.

Original, wrong description: On a normal truck, the engine is connected to the transmission and the transmission is connected to the drive axle via the driveshaft, a heavy, expensive piece of steel. If this were a picture of a normal truck, the driveshaft would be a thick black line running vertically through the center. If you look at the picture you will notice that the driveshaft is missing. The only thing connecting the front of the truck to the rear are the frame rails and a couple of hose looking things, which I suspect are power cables. 

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