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Wednesday, July 4, 2018


GLOW | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

We watched the first three episodes this evening and it's very funny. Also absurd. There are some awkward moments, but I suspect sometimes you need those to set up the punch line, if that's what you call the point in the action where it hits you.

It also gives you a little insight into what it's like trying to put together a show that might see the light of day: a whole lot of schmoozing with people who have a radically different world view than your own. People who can do that, and are lucky, might make some money, and from where I sit, they are fully entitled to it. I never had the patience to deal with most people.

And remember the untold zillions who showed up for the casting call and were turned down. I don't quite understand the drive to be an actor. I mean you hear about people doing any kind of menial work, like, god forbid, waitressing, in order to survive long enough that they can go to another casting call. Or maybe it's just that there are so few acting jobs that even if one one hundredth of one percent wanted to be an actor, it means that a thousand people will show up for any job that shows any promise at all, so with that kind of competition, only the most driven, or lucky, will survive.

On the other hand, maybe we're lucky there are so few acting roles. It might create a shortage of waitresses and that would be very bad on account of I like to go out to eat. I think now I might be able to wait tables. I never considered it when I was younger. Can't quite explain why. Probably because I started developing a gearhead mentality and I lost interest in dealing with people. So let's hear it for all those people who work in restaurants, the cooks, waiters / waitresses, busboys, dishwashers, hosts and, yes, even the managers. Hip hip hurray! I appreciate what you are doing!