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Monday, July 2, 2018


PillPack dispenser and packets
Amazon just bought PillPack for a zillion dollars, never mind that I thought of it first. It's good though, saves me the trouble having to actually build a business. Also saves me the trouble of figuring out how to spend all that glorious money (boo hoo hoo).

Did I actually think of it first? Doubtful, I am sure many people have had the same thought over the years. If I wanted something to boast about, I could imagine that my blog post was the trigger that somehow got the ball rolling.

It's kind of hard to imagine that such a numb-skull idea could be worth so much money, but then lots of people are taking lots of pills, and the value of a business is pretty much defined by numbers. Multiply a zillion people taking zillions of pills times the pennies they will charge for each dose, and then multiply that by some zombie number that converts present revenue into future value and, well, somebody decided it was actually worth a zillion dollars.

Via younger son.

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