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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Different View of Reality

Hyudai Plant - Alabama

While I'm looking for pictures to go with my previous post about the Hyundai, I come across this recall announcement from three years ago. Seems Hyundai had a problem with an engine assembly line in Alabama with caused some engines to fail. The problem was that there was debris left in some oil passages which led to crankshaft bearing failure. Normally this is kind of a big deal. The engine starts making a heck of a racket and if you keep driving it the engine will break and stop.

This is all kind of understandable, but then the NHTSA gets involved and now it gets a little squirrely. Hyundai realizes there is a problem and issues a recall for about a zillion cars, but they don't call it a safety recall. It might cause the engine to break and the car to stop, but it doesn't really seem like a safety problem. I mean the engine it going to be making a heck of a racket before it breaks. Isn't that enough of a warning that any normal person might realize there is something wrong and maybe pull off the road and investigate? Evidently the NHTSA doesn't think so. They are all about protecting even the most oblivious drivers. This is what happens when people forget how we got here: by building machines, not just shuffling paper and posting rants on Blogger.

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