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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Acetylene & Me

Me with a bottle of acetylene between my legs.
I'm wearing gloves because the tank is cold.
Osmany has been fighting with the water heater using a MAP gas torch and he's not getting anywhere. Time to break out the big gun. So I borrow Jack's Prest-O-Lite torch which burns acetylene, which requires a tank, regulator and hose. I borrow those as well. Soldering half inch pipe where the total length of connected pipe is less that 20 feet? Then a MAP gas torch is just fine. Soldering 3/4" pipe that is connected to 200 feet of copper pipe? Then you need the big gun.

A prudent person would have secured the tank to the bed of a truck. We didn't have a truck handy. I might have been able to secure it in the back seat using the seatbelts and some rope, but it was only a short jaunt across town. We couldn't put it in the trunk because if you lay the tank on it's side WeIrD tHiNgS could happen. Criminently, let's just go. If we get in a car wreck that is serious enough to break open the tank, I'll likely be dead before it blows up. If we get in a less serious car wreck the tank could easily injure me, but not any worse than your average automobile accident. Just don't have a wreck, Osmany,

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