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Thursday, December 6, 2018


Three Blind Mice

California Bob has something to say: 
Anosognosia - A new term to me, but the concept will be familiar to all; you don't know everything that you don't know.
"A neurological condition in which a disabled person is unaware of his or her disability. He stated: "If you're incompetent, you can't know you're incompetent ... The skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is."
Here's a short, fun read: The bad news on human nature, in 10 findings from psychology

...and a more boring WIKi entry [Dunning–Kruger effect] but with a lot of pithy content, like:
"...Cognitive bias evident in the case of McArthur Wheeler, who robbed banks with his face covered with lemon juice, which he believed would make it invisible to the surveillance cameras. This belief was based on his misunderstanding of the chemical properties of lemon juice as an invisible ink..." 

"After learning their scores, the students were asked to estimate their rank in the class. The competent students underestimated their class rank, and the incompetent students overestimated theirs..." 
More [Shall We Serve the Dark Lords? A Meta-Analytic Review of Psychopathy and Leadership] -- we elect jerks who turn out to be destructive jerks:
"Results showed a positive correlation for psychopathic tendencies and leadership emergence, and negative association for psychopathic tendencies and leadership effectiveness..."
For some reason I always confuse the Dunning-Kruger effect with the Voight-Kampff Test from Blade Runner, perhaps because both are compound names made from unfamiliar names, i.e "two weird names coupled together, must be that test from Blade Runner".

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