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Friday, February 22, 2019

Dangerous Inanimate Objects

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
From Dangerous Inanimate Objects, an article on Active Response Training:
Juveniles and younger adults as a group, lacking extensive life experiences, are the easiest to influence emotionally.  For example, the surviving students at the Parkland Florida High School mass murder were ripe for anti-gun activists’ manipulation, with the reward of a funded protest in Washington D.C. (meals, transportation, lodging, etc.). Misled by adults and emotionally fired up, believing they were right, they became simple tools of dark, anti-American, anti-gun politics with motive to disarm citizens. - Ron Borsch
I have tended to consider gun control enthusiasts weak minded. I supposed that they truly believed gun control would reduce gun deaths, but being as they were in the grip of their emotions, they couldn't be blamed for their logical errors.

But now I am not so sure. I mean it is hard to discern a person's motives. Are they just being foolish? Or do they have some ulterior motive and they are just playing the fool for the benefit of those they wish to deceive? Given the bad results that gun control has produced, I don't think I can give them the benefit of the doubt anymore. If they support gun control, they are agents of the devil. They may be unwitting agents, or they might be evil incarnate, there is no way to tell. In either case the effect is the same, they are spreading lies and foolishness and need to be opposed.

It's tempting to say that all gun control advocates should be rounded up and put in a pen, but that is contrary to our principles, so I won't say that. Besides, there are a bunch of 'em. It would cost too much and it would be too much work. Going to have to settle for persuasive argument. Gawd, that sounds like a thankless task.

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