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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ghost Gun

Ghost Gunner - CNC milling machine makes untracebles semi-automatics

Looking through my archives for old posts about Thompson submachine guns, I came across an old post about Ghost Gunner. I had posted a video, but it was now missing. That is not too unusual, lots of videos get taken down, usually because of a copyright claim, or because the associated account has been deleted. This time, however, it was because of a 'violation of terms of service'. The Ghost Gunner website has a video, kind of an artsy thing, but it's not on YouTube, and none of video downloaders I tried were able to get a hold of it.

This video is five years old, and there are plenty of other Ghost Gunner videos on YouTube, so I'm not sure what the violation was. Since Ghost Gunner is still in business and there are plenty of Ghost Gunner videos available, I do not care.

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