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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Homes for the Homeless

New Orleans Louisiana 1841 & 1880

New Orleans reduced homelessness by 90% (and saved a fortune) by giving homeless people homes - BoingBoing

Kind of weird that New Orleans gets credit for doing something good / right when almost every story we get about New Orleans is about what an effed-up mess it is. It sounds like the story about free housing for alcoholics that I came across a few years ago. One might think that if you have a proven solution to a problem, other cities would jump on it. But maybe it doesn't really work, long term. Or maybe the political opponents of such a solution are too strong. If this kind of scheme really works, then I wonder who the political opponents are. Protestants (with their 'work ethic' philosophy)? Soup kitchens? Liquor stores? Or maybe people are too busy fighting other, more important (meaning more money) issues and nobody has time to spend working on this one.

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