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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Paid a visit to a doctor today. Talking about a minor chronic infection in the lungs. Shows us some CAT scans, points out the problem areas, very tiny, they look to my untrained eye just like everything else. For comparison, she pulls up some Google images of this disease (broncho-something or other). Huh, doctors use Google. Anyway, in these images the disease is obvious.

Now we are talking about drugs and I get to wondering how many different drugs are there? Zillions, I imagine. Some are very common and are taken by millions of people. Some are really weird and are only taken by a few people. Surely someone has a chart that illustrates this. I should see if I can find one.

Oregon House of Representatives passed a rent-control bill today. Christ on a crutch, effing morons. We continue our slide towards the abyss.

What was the population of bears in North America before the white man came? John Snow (from Game of Thrones) wears a bear skin coat. If everyone who lives in the frozen north wears a bear skin coat, what is the maximum population of people you could have? If you kill all the bears, then everyone gets a bear skin coat, but coats wear out and are going to need to be replaced. So the question is how many bears can you kill a year without having a bad effect on the bear population?

Most of the blogs on my list also have lists of blogs, some are extensive. I poke around there occasionally. A couple of days ago I decided to make an effort to follow some of them, so I have been adding them to Feedly. Once you have added them, it makes it easy to see what everyone else is taking about. Also, you don't have to see if they have posted anything recently. Feedly does that part for you. Looking over these posts the past couple of days I have discovered a couple that I like, a couple I don't like, and several that are okay, but don't really interest me.

One subject that gets my attention is stories about cops behaving badly. There is no end to them and there probably won't be. Meanwhile, for every one of those stories there are a zillion instances of people behaving badly and cops doing their jobs correctly. I don't want to hear about these individual incidents. However, if anyone manages to purge a nest corruption, I do want to hear about that.

I spent some time reading about Maria Butina. Depending on which story you read, you may think she is evil incarnate, or decent person caught in jaws of a political fight.

I really think we need a subscription fee tacked onto our internet access. Fee gets dividy up amongst all the websites you visit. Get rid of these frigging pay walls.

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