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Thursday, February 28, 2019


Tangerine by Christine Mangan
Not a great story, but not bad either. I finished it, which is a rare occurrence lately. We have two women who were close friends in college, but after college they go their separate ways for a bit, but then one tracks down the other in Tangier (Morocco), where residents are known as Tangerines.

Most of the action takes place inside their heads. One woman is kind of timid and weak. Her moods and perceptions vary from one moment to the next. The other is stronger, confident and more assertive. Her moods vary as well, but she stays on track.

There are entire aspects of the situation, sections that I might consider important, that are left out, left out because they are of no concern to the participants. They have a very different view of the world, but that might be because they are wrapped up with what's going on it their heads.

The New Yorker has a review.

Picked this book up at Costco where it had a Buyer's Pick sticker on the front cover.

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