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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Veterans and Dangerous Women

Iaman (who spent a couple of years in the Air Force) has a couple of things to say about the Veteran's Administration:
Hi, got an email about MISSION Act and several robocalls inviting me to attend a conference call announcing this improvement to my VA benefits.
The always-delusional Drumpf has taken steps to increase the privatization of the VA health system.  This will cost the 140 million tax payers each about $1,300 a year each.
My experience at the  existing VA has been a  wonderful extravagance,  now it gets better by pumping more-deficit money into these urgent care palaces we see sprouting on the street corners.  I was wondering what they saw that I did not, now I know.
By the way,  the number of vets having actually seen combat, at least as close as a safe FBO, is a hard figure to nail down.  The military doesn't want people to know how fat it is.  Some say 10%, my experience says, for those that actually hear high velocity whizzing by,  is closer to 1%.
A interesting picture of disciplined future combat veterans graduating from West Point, getting a piece of the pie is increasingly equal opportunity. Go Girl!
Black female cadets with the Class of 2019 pose at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. on May 7, 2019. Hallie H. Pound—U.S. Army/AP
I'm always glad to see women doing more than might be expected of them. I am not sure why this might be, other than it might be that women are generally smarter than men and I am always happier to be talking with someone who has a brain than some dunderhead who doesn't.

Yes, the military might be fat, and they are probably preparing for the wrong war, but they have a big organization and they know how to get things done and one of these days we might need them to do something and then we will be very glad to have them. Right now there might be a lot of button polishing going on, but what else have they got to do? We don't have any real threats. Maybe that's why we are in Afghanistan. By continuing to fight against the Taliban, our guys are getting some combat experience which could prove to be invaluable. Yes, it's a shame that our people are getting killed over there, but that's part of combat, isn't it? These constant low level reminders that war causes death might be enough to keep us from getting involved in a more extensive conflict.

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