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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pyramids in the Sudan, Part 2

Pyramids of Meroë, Sudan
Archaeologists are exploring tombs underneath these pyramids. This project is complicated because these tombs have been flooded by the Nile River, just over a mile away. Hard to believe, but there are green fields just a quarter mile away from these pyramids.

I posted a map of some pyramids in Sudan once before. The new site is at the upper left in the above map, the old site is at the lower right. Both sites can be located using "Pyramids of Meroë", though you need to use Arabic to find the new one. To orient you in time and place, these pyramids date from 300 to 700 BC. Khartoum is 100 miles south, Cairo is almost a thousand miles to the north.

Via Roger Pearse

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