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Thursday, September 26, 2019


Geico Gecko
Reading a Forbes story about Patrick Byrne, I come across this line:
[Patrick] Byrne is the son of the late John “Jack” Byrne, a University of Michigan-trained mathematician and renowned insurance executive credited with turning around Geico in the mid-1970s and persuading Warren Buffett to invest in the auto insurer. Geico would eventually become one of the biggest contributors to Berkshire Hathaway’s bottom line, and Buffett once described Byrne’s father as “the Babe Ruth of insurance.” 
I think my folk's had Geico insurance, many years ago, long before the talking gecko became their spokes-animal. I had no idea about Warren Buffett's investment, but then, why would I? I mean Berkshire Hathaway must be invested in about a zillion different companies, any number of those could be classified as the 'biggest contributors', and some fraction of a zillion is still too large a number for my feeble brain to deal with.

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