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Friday, November 8, 2019

Bob Reeve famous Alaskan Bush Pilot

Autographed copy Glacier Pilot
Iaman reports:
Just finished the book Glacier Pilot by Beth Day 1957.  Biography of  Bob Reeve famous Alaskan Bush Pilot.   I bought a biographical signed  copy for a $1 at a Unitarian church book sale.
Great stories; learned about reindeer hair affect on aviation oil relief valves,  flying on/off mud flats, beaches, river sandbars,  crevased glaciers, antiaircraft guarded military fields....  the US Aleutian military buildup prior to Pearl Harbor.
Bob had just a couple crashes and lived to be 78 by being a stickler for safety,  adherence to checklists,  performing maintenance and rebuilds much earlier than called for  by factory specs.


Anonymous said...

He might also enjoy this book: The Accidental Airline: Spilsbury's QCA
And this one: Spilsbury's Coast:: Pioneer Years In the Wet West

Both long out of print but I found them both in used book stores.

skybill said...

Hi Chuck,
Funny thing you should mention that!!! .... the part about how he lived to be 78!!... All those things, using check lists, staying on top of maintenance, doing engine rebuilds before recommended factory specs... and more... all add up!!! I concur!!!!!
As the old sayin' goes,"There are Old Pilots and there are Bold Pilots, but there are no Old Bold Pilots!!!!!!
'Same goes for Skydivers!!!!.....
The Sky is NOT!!!!.....the Limit.....
The Ground Is!!!!!

Blue Skies,
skybill -- USPA-356, B-4240, C-3114, D-6009, SCR-2034, SCS-680, USPA Double Diamond Wings (3,000 freefall jumps) #451, Qudra-Diamond Freefall Badge-230 (60 hours cumulative freefall time!!)
Oh yes, FAA Master Parachute Rigger(Chest, Back and Seat) and Private Pilot (ASEL)