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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Embedding Audio Files

Iaman sent me an audio recording and I thought to embed it in my previous post. Being as I use Google pretty much exclusively, I tried to use it for this, but after a couple of hours of futzing around I gave up. I could host the file on Google Drive, but I needed to add an app to play it, which I did, but Google never recognized that it was added. I tried to upload it to YouTube, but I needed a file format convertor, and none of the ones I found would produce a suitable format. Finally I looked for an audio file hosting service and SoundCloud popped up. They even provided embed code that worked. Yeah SoundCloud.

I'm not going to mention all those sites that gave long tedious explanations by way of introducing three lines of html that didn't work. Criminently, there are a lot of blabbermouths out there.

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