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Tuesday, January 14, 2020


MY SASSY GIRL 엽기적인 그녀 Ep 10: Joo Won & Oh Yeon Seo's First Kiss [ENG]

Another Korean historical drama. This one is a little short on history, though someone who is fluent in Korean might be able to pick out some clues that would tell you the era. It's not too old because some people are using chairs, and I suspect that didn't happen before the Europeans showed up. No firearms, which is kind of odd because those came with the Europeans as well. But we aren't too concerned about the history here. We are here to watch boy-girl interactions, and they are amusing.

We've watched several of these Asian historical dramas, some are from Korea, some from China, and the plot lines are fairly similar. We watch them because the lead characters are attractive, their clothes are made of acres of fabric, and the buildings are fabulous. I think the hook that keeps us interested is that there is always a bad guy plotting some kind of underhanded skull drudgery, and since the subtitles are invariably weak, we have to piece together what is going on. So it's a romantic comedy with a bonus: a challenge to unravel the thread of mystery.

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