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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Big Bicycle Tools

If you do much work on bicycles there are two big tools that can make your life a lot easier: a work stand and an air compressor.

I made a work stand using some old steel and a "Park Tools" clamp. It was great. I still have it and still use it occasionally. I recommend a pro model that you can set up in your heated garage (or living room). Get one with a large flat baseplate. Do not get one with the tripod legs. Only useful for field work.

I have a 2HP Sears air compressor. To pump up road bike tires (100 psi), I have to crank the regulator all the way down, dump enough air to get the compressor to start, wait till it finishes and then pump up the tires. I have a 12v I use sometimes, but it is really noisy. The big compressor is very noisy as well, but you do not have to be around when it is running, you can go outside. The 12V runs while you are pumping and it is right there. It is obnoxious.

We had a compressor at work. It was really noisy. They built a big plywood box and lined it with fiberglass insulation to make it quiet enough to keep inside. The box wasn't big enough and it overheated and cooked itself. Then they built a dog house outside for it. Every morning someone wheels it outside to the doghouse, and every evening someone wheels it back in.

Most bike people recommend a good quality hand pump. I would like a quiet, high pressure compressor.

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