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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Who was a good President and who wasn't?

As for Bush, I'm of two minds. Environmentally, I think he's a stinker. As far as foreign policy goes, I think the War in Iraq is the first good thing the US has done since WWII, or maybe Korea. As for his deception, I never cared. He was going to get rid of Saddam Hussein, which was a good thing all by itself. All the rest was just window dressing.

Who was a good President and who wasn't?

President Kennedy was "good" President, but he failed to support the Bay of Pigs invasion after he promised to do so, and then it failed. This was bad. He got us into Vietnam. This was bad.

Nixon was a bad President, but he got us out of Vietnam, which was good. Henry Kissinger was his Secretary of State. I can't stand the man, but I can't tell you why.

Carter was a President, but he canceled our participation in the Olympics, which was bad.

The old Bush had a chance to liberate Iraq, but he blew it. Killed a couple of hundred thousand Iraqi soldiers just to put Kuwait back in our pocket. Encouraged Iraqis to rebel, but when they did he didn't support them. The reprisals were bad. This was bad.

Reagan was an actor and he put on a good show, he got the battleships out of mothballs for a while. He sent the marines to Lebanon and when they got killed, he gave up. Yassar Arafat is a thug. Maybe the Palestinians are finally coming to understand that.

The Republicans hated Clinton so much they gave us Kenneth Starr and his show trial. What a load of horse hooey that was. And now poor Ken can't get a job. I read one article that said everything Clinton might do was analyzed for the potential political advantage, so he never did anything out of principle. This was bad. He got more gun control laws passed. This is bad.

I suspect Bush of being deeply in the pockets of big business. I suspect he is an environmental menace. This is bad. But he is liberating Afghanistan and Iraq. This is good.