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Wednesday, February 20, 2002


I would like a magazine subscription service that sends me a different magazine every month. Last year I got a subscription to "Gray's Sporting Journal". Pricey ($36/year), but good short stories about hunting. I read the first couple of issues, but I haven't read any more. I got a subscription to "National Geographic" for a while. The pictures are pretty, but there isn't enough meat in the articles. Ross gets "Car & Driver" and I usually at least look at it. Cars have a powerful attraction. Irrational, but powerful none-the-less. Other magazines:
  • Embedded Systems Programming. Occasionally something interesting.
  • Dr. Dobb's Journal. Bah. Gibberish.
  • MIT Technology Review. Was pretty good, but now it's less science and more hype about much impact the new technology will have, just like the rest of the mass media.
  • NASA Tech Briefs. Occasionally something good.
  • DesignFax. An advertising rag. But the editor puts out at least one interesting article every issue.
  • Trout Unlimited. Haven't actually seen an issue. Kind of like Duck's unlimited. Send them money for a good cause and they send you a magazine.
  • Allergy & Asthma review (or coping with or something). Good short articles about dealing with allergies. Read one in a doctor's office and ordered a subscription. Haven't looked at it since.