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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Gratuitous Snark

A member of the Cartel Del Golfo (CDG) in Tamaulipas, Mexico carrying a US-made anti-tank weapon, as shown on Mexican TV channel Milenio, May 30, 2023 ©  screenshot/Milenio TV

One guy, somewhere, carrying something that resembles a Javelin missile. He's probably just a plumber on his way to fix a leak. I mean I found this on RT, so it is surely Russian propaganda.

But you know what? I don't care. This photo is just too juicy. I don't know what the corrupt swamp rats in D.C. think they are doing, but what they are saying does not match with what I see happening. Lying, useless pieces of shit, that's what the US Government is made of. Okay, not completely useless, someone is making bank off of this Ukraine fiasco.

Horseless Carriage

I Spent $1500 to Fix Ryobi's Mistake
Aging Wheels

I like this guy. He takes on projects that I would like to take on, but since he is doing them and making videos of them, I don't have to.

I thought about buying an electric lawn mower for our New House [tm] remodeling project but I ended up hiring the neighbor's lawn man to mow it. He was kind of expensive for the tiny lawn, but it saved me the hassle. I spent some time looking at electric lawn mowers (the push kind, not a riding mower) and it looked like a decent one would cost about $500 which seemed like a heck of a lot of money, but the yard man would twice cost that much for a year. 

I also have an old Makita electric drill with Ni-cad batteries. I thought about changing it over to some kind nickel-something batteries which are almost as good as lithium ion but much cheaper, but then I would have needed a new charger and I wasn't all that invested in the idea. Besides, I never figured out how I was going to seal the new batteries inside the plastic cover, being as I would need to practically destroy the old cover to get the old cells out. Maybe when I am retired I will look into it.

Mobius Dickius

Sailing Yacht Champagne

The spiritual sons of Moby Dick have returned to wreak vengeance on the puny humans who dare to sully their pristine ocean. A pod of Orcas attacked a sailboat in the Mediterranean and inflicted enough damage to sink the boat. Thankfully no one died or a bunch of hotheads bent on revenge would be scouring the sea looking for the killers.

Commercial fishing vessels lose miles of nets every year and those lost nets cause untold damage to the denizens of the deep. I imagine American fishing vessels are better behaved but that may be wishful thinking. The American fishing fleet is only a small fraction of the fishing vessels in use world wide.

Via Ross

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Winnie the Ping

A monument to Tsar Alexander III being dismantled. October 1917. Mirrorpix / Getty Images

Today's mini-history lesson by Michael Auslin comes to us via Unherd. This bit struck me:

The question, of course, is what would replace a Party overthrown in response to Xi’s repressive excesses and weakening of China. In the case of Russia, tsarist autocracy was eventually replaced by the far worse evil of communist totalitarianism. It is hard to see anything worse replacing the system perfected by Stalin and Mao, but few could have predicted the ravaged 20th century. What prevents such an outcome is the current lack of ideological alternative to autocracy (whether socialist or not) and democratic liberalism. There is no nascent movement or ideology on the horizon comparable to the socialism of the mid-19th century that entranced intellectuals and workers.

The comments are pretty good, that's where I got the title. Heraclitus might be my new favorite ancient Greek philosopher.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Boring Shot Put

Unbeatable World Record Was Just Destroyed
Total Running Productions

Ryan Crouser, native of Boring, Oregon, just set a new world record in the shot put, again. His math and engineering background may have played a part in developing his record breaking technique. The Oregonian has the story. If he keeps improving they are going to have to move the wall.

Via Ross.

P. S. Here's something I didn't imagine - THE CARTWHEEL - Banned Shot Put Technique!

Silent Movie Train Stunts

Silent movies did some pretty crazy things with trains
Don McHoull

Were people crazier in the good old days? Nah, there's a new crop of crazy people with every generation.

Memorial Day

The Stalin Line 1928-1939

I like this quote:

“We live in a free world today because in 1945 the forces of imperfect goodness defeated the forces of near-perfect evil.” - Michael DiPaulo, a French consular officer addressing American veterans of World War II in 2001.

Hitler was bad, but after reading just a bit about the Russia under Stalin, I'm thinking Stalin was worse. The only reason we allied with the USSR is because western Europe was living in fantasy land.

I came across it on, but he didn't provide the source, so I asked the great and powerful Oz, who delivered this page.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Nazis Versus Commies

Richard Wagner: Prelude to «Lohengrin», Simon Rattle
Иван Шариков

I'm still reading Alan Furst, this time The Polish Officer. I think it might be time to pick up some new books, I've had enough of Europe for a while. Meanwhile I'm neck deep in this story. 

It's 1940 and Germany and Russia have divided Poland, but they haven't started fighting each other yet. De Milja, the officer in the title, has joined a resistance group and on page 69 he is having a meeting with a couple of the other leaders. They come to realize that while the operations against the Germans haven't gone too badly, they have not yet learned how to operate against the Russians. Now they are wondering why that might be and Agata turns philosophical:

Agata tapped a pencil eraser against the open page of a notebook. "There is a difference," she said slowly, "that interests me. Say that it is the difference between nationalism and, ah, what we might call social theory. For the Germans, nationalism is an issue of race, ethnicity. For example, they accept as their own the Volksdeutsch - descendents of German colonists, many of whom do not even speak German. But their blood is German blood - these Teutonic philosophers really believe in such things. Cut a vein, listen closely, you can hear the overture to Lohengrin - why, that's a German you've got there! The Bolsheviks are just the opposite - they recruit the mind, or so they like to pretend. And all the world is invited to join them; you can be a communist any time you like - 'Good heavens! I just realized it's all in the dictatorship of the working class.'

Friday, May 26, 2023

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Headline on story on RT by Daniel Kovalik:

American elites are starting to concede that the world is rebelling against the US, and Washington has nobody to blame but itself

A former White House official has acknowledged the reality of growing resistance to the country's imperialism

The 'former White House official' he is referring to is Fiona Hill. Fiona worked closely with Bomber Bolton and so we might surmise that she shared his views. Now she might be admitting that the US screwed up.

Fiona gave a speech a couple of weeks ago in Tallinn, Estonia. That speech is what prompted the story in RT. The text of Fiona's speech can be found here. I didn't read the entire RT story, nor did I read all of Fiona's speech, but I think I got the jist of it.


RAF Buccaneer S2 Exercise RED FLAG

Tune is Spiral by Vangelis. Showed up in one of my playlists. I have no idea how it got there, but it's a cool tune, so here we are. Video is from 1982, which means the video was originally recorded on film with an actual mechanical camera.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Iron Triangle of Ducks

Have you ever seen such a huge flock of ducks?! 🦆😧 | INCREDIBLE TAILS

JMSmith nails it again. Actually Gaetano Mosca nailed it a hundred years ago. I've never heard of Mosca but I am a dedicated follower of JMSmith so I continue to learn slowly. JMSmith does a good job of explaining how the idiocracy maintains their power and position. This quote sums it up succinctly:

“There are doctrines that satisfy sentiments which are widespread and very deeply rooted in the human heart and, accordingly, have greater powers of self-propagation; and . . . doctrines that possess the quality to a lesser degree and therefore, though they may be more acceptable on the intellectual side, have a far more limited appeal.” - Gaetano Mosca, The Ruling Class, p. 190

If we to have any hope of breaking the chains the idiocracy has laid on us, we are going to have to get our ducks in a row. Right now they are all wandering around all over the yard, squawking in all directions and are totally ineffective. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Paper Donald Triumphant

Dazi Nostri (our duties) - Paper mache statue of Donald Trump  in Viareggio, Italy
Photo by Benjamin Prosnitz February 10, 2019

I walked into my office and there was a cool picture of a piece of jewelry on my computer screen, courtesy of the Chromebox screen saver. There was a note in the corner that said 'Benjamin Prosnitz', so I looked him up and found he has an Instagram account with a zillion pics. I'm scrolling through them looking for some jewelry, not finding anything and this photo pops up. Not quite sure what kind of message they are trying to send, but it does make Donald look like some kind of Samurai warlord, which, if you are into old Japanese Samurai movies is kind of cool. If you like the Donald. If you don't, well, you can make up your own fable.

P. S. I suspect the reason the sword is pointing down is due to the limitations placed on the floats in this parade or the structural limits of making something out of paper mache. I am sure someone has a philosophical reason for it, but I haven't heard it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Bad and Crazy - Netflix Series

Bad and Crazy | Official Trailer | iQiyi Original
iQIYI Philippines

We start off with a bright young man working in the police anti-corruption unit. He's made some progress in the department  and has gained the rank of lieutenant (I think), but he's ambitious and a promotion might be possible. He seems fairly smart, but he is lazy and not much of a fighter and when he gets jumped by a mysterious man wearing a motorcycle helmet and leathers he gets the snot beat out of him, not once, but multiple times. And where does this mystery man come from? He never appears on any of the security camera recordings. Let me give you a clue: Fight Club.

Not a bad show, though it's a little hard to have much sympathy for the hero because he is so lazy. However, the people around him are persistent and eventually they not only lead him to water but convince him to take a drink.

There is one fight scene where motorcycle man takes on a gang of toughs in an office. When he dumps a couple of barrels of oil on the floor I was reminded of Jason Statham taking on a group of thugs in a garage. There too the floor was covered with oil but wiley Jason managed to strap some rat-trap bicycle pedals to his feet and so manage to get around while the bad guys were slipping and falling left, right and center. The fight scene in this TV show wasn't as good as Jason's fight scene, but it wasn't bad and the difference can probably be explained by their relative budgets.

Methoxyflurane - AKA The Green Whistle

Have You Used the Green Whistle?
Doctor Ricky

Huh. I've never heard of this stuff, so I asked Google why the FDA banned methoxyflurane, which got me to this page in the Federal Register. After wading through paragraphs of bureaucratese I found this line:

FDA's review shows that methoxyflurane, a volatile anesthetic agent, is associated with serious, irreversible, and even fatal nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity in humans. 

Nephrotoxicity means damage to the kidneys and hepatotoxicity means damage to the liver, both can be serious problems, so maybe the FDA had a reason to ban it, and it was not just the Sacklers trying to protect their monopoly on pain medication.

Then I found a press release on OINDP news dated March 3, 2022 that contained this line:

According to Medical Developments International (MVP), the FDA has lifted a clinical hold on MVP's Penthrox methoxyflurane inhaler and, as a result, MVP is now preparing a Phase 3 trial of Penthrox for trauma pain that is expected to begin recruiting by the end of this year. 

So if the trials go well it might get approved in the USA.


Iranian Tomcats

Deep Intel on the Smugglers Who Keep Iran's F-14s Flying
Ward Carroll

Curious story about Iran's efforts to keep their F-14's flying and the USA's battle to keep them from getting replacement parts for their planes. The most interesting bit of information was the number of combat encounters that resulted in the Iranian Tomcat shooting down their adversary. Seems like we seldom hear about a US aircraft shooting down another aircraft and here the Iranians shot down over a hundred. I'm not sure what this is telling us.


Homework machine prototype in action!

Story on

I wonder if anyone has developed software that can read cursive handwriting.


I haven't said much about Ukraine lately because it doesn't seem like much has changed. Ukraine and Russia are still slugging it out and while there is some speculation that something may change, I can't tell what it might be. All reports on the war are suspect as the war is also being fought on the propaganda front. Best to treat all reports as exaggerations if not outright lies.

Now we have a report from James Howard Knustler that echoes my feelings on the situation:

Fade to Black in Ukraine

Via Zerohedge

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Citadel - Amazon Prime Series

Citadel - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Prime Video

Action packed spy thriller with a plot straight out of a comic book and about as believable. As long as you are not expecting any kind of emotional connection with the characters, it's fine.

Winnie the Pooh


One of my favorite stories to tell my kids is the one where Winnie the Pooh and Piglet take some presents to Eeyore's birthday party. It's such a great story I thought I ought to share, but when I looked it up I found I didn't have it quite right. In my mind, Pooh suspects that his present for Eeyore, a jar of honey, might not be all honey, there might be cheese in there. Turns out that is from the previous chapter about Heffalumps:

As soon as he got home, he went to the larder; and he stood on a chair, and took down a very large jar of honey from the top shelf. It had HUNNY written on it, but, just to make sure, he took off the paper cover and looked at it, and it looked just like honey. "But you never can tell," said Pooh. "I remember my uncle saying once that he had seen cheese just this colour." So he put his tongue in, and took a large lick. "Yes," he said, "it is. No doubt about that. And honey, I should say, right down to the bottom of the jar. Unless, of course," he said, "somebody put cheese in at the bottom just for a joke. Perhaps I had better go a little further ... just in case ... in case Heffalumps don't like cheese ... same as me.... Ah!" And he gave a deep sigh. "I was right. It is honey, right the way down."

The jar of honey gets devoured on the way to the birthday party simply because Pooh got the munchies.


Battle Without Honor or Humanity

Kill Bill Vol. 1 • Battle Without Honor or Humanity • Tomoyasu Hotei
HD Film Tributes

This song came to mind this week and I just had to drag it up and show you.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Kingdom - Netflix Series

Kingdom | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Another series about Korean royalty a thousand years ago, but this time with zombies. We started watching this once before, but the zombie business turned us off. Since then we have watched The Last of Us, which acclimated us to the whole zombie edifice, so now we are more accepting of weird tales.

It all starts when the royal physician attempts to bring the recently deceased king back to life using an acupuncture needle dipped in a potion derived from the 'resurrection plant'. It brings him back to life, but as a crazed monster craving human flesh. The monster king attacks the physician's assistant and kills him. The physician puts his assistant in a coffin and carries him back to his clinic. All the people at the clinic are slowly starving to death due to the general famine. One wise guy gets the idea to cut up the dead body and make soup to feed all the people. The female doctor and her assistant are out in the woods gathering herbs, so they don't get any of the soup. They get back to the compound just in time to see all the people turn into monsters. Evidently the wise guy doesn't eat any of the soup because he doesn't turn into a monster.

So now the disease is spreading, a nearby town is destroyed and the monsters are running loose across the countryside. The only saving grace is that they become comatose during the daylight hours.

The show is full of reminders of how bad things used to be. Besides plague and famine we also have slavery, torture and psychopathic idiots in charge. Okay, that last one is still with us. I imagine there could have been an epidemic of rabies a thousand years ago and it might look a whole lot like a plague of zombies.

The show has several scenes with hordes of zombies running amok and it struck me that it looked just like a modern day riot, which says something about rioters.

P. S. The setting is more like 500 years ago, not 1,000. Besides the usual Samurai swords, bows, arrows and spears, some of the soldiers had matchlock rifles.

The whole point of reviving the King was to keep him alive until the Queen gave birth to what she hoped would be a boy. If she could also dispose of the Crown Prince (her step son), she would be the acting ruler of the kingdom until her son came of age. Actually, she would be a puppet for her father.

But the Queen has a miscarriage. She conceals the miscarriage and collects half a dozen pregnant women and sequesters them in some spare room in her personal palace. Her plan is to wait until the women give birth and collect a boy baby (surely with that many women at least one will give birth to a boy) and claim him as her own. Once that happened, all the other women and babies were executed. Seems unbelievable that someone could be so vile, but if history has taught us anything it's that there is no limit to human depravity.

A Short History of Hungary

A Castle by the Danube | Visegrad, Hungary
Lucky Dippers

I'm reading Mission to Paris by Alan Furst. Towards the end of the book the movie company has gone to Hungary to film some scenes at an authentic Hungary castle. The castle, most of it a ruin, belongs to one Count Polanyi. Pleased to have the movie company using his castle he invites the cast and crew to a sumptuous dinner, and then we have this passage:

With the pears and local cheese, and having drunk more than his share of Echezeaux Burgundy, Polanyi became reflective. "My poor old battered castle," he said. It's the border of northern Hungary now - the treaty that followed the Great War turned the other side of the river into Czech territory. But for this castle, it was just one more war. It began life as a Roman fortification, was taken by the Hungarian Grand Duke Arpad in 895 -legend has it that the Milky Way was formed from the dust raised by his army's horses. Then it was destroyed in 1241 by the Mongolian Tartars - a costly invasion, half of the people of Hungary were murdered. Rebuilt it was besieged by the Turks in 1683, then recaptured by Charles of Lorraine in 1684. History has always been bloody in this part of the world, and is about to be once again. But, what can we do. Now we'll have to sign some sort of treaty with Hitler and his thugs and, once the British and French have dealt with them, oh how we shall suffer for that." He paused for a time, then said, "Well, here comes the brandy, would anyone care to join me for a cigar?"

I wanted a picture of a half-ruined castle to go with this post, and Google served up this video. It's a fair stand-in for the Count's castle. There were a bunch of famous people named Polanyi. This article seems especially relevant to our current situation.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Happiness Road

Courtesy of Gladys Glover, House on Fire, CS Productions and Cannes Film Festival.

Variety has a review of a Chinese movie about garment workers. I thought these two paragraphs give a good description of the place:
It is somehow emblematic of modern China — at least of its seamier side, as frequently explored in director Wang Bing’s unsparing documentaries — that the street on which his long, oppressive new film “Youth (Spring)” takes place should be called “Happiness Road.” A collection of clothing manufacturing workshops, arranged like a mall around a rubble-strewn central thoroughfare 150 miles and a world away from Shanghai, this semi-derelict location is so poorly described by its name that one could suspect its planners of having a little joke. Except that here in Zhili City, irony — like leisure time, fresh air and natural light — is a luxury few can afford, least of all the teens and twentysomethings spending 15-hour workdays on site before retiring to equally rundown flophouse dormitories. 
Scored only to the ceaseless rattle of sewing machines and the pop songs blasted through the studios at top volume, “Youth (Spring)” (the first instalment of a planned wider project to be culled from around 2,600 hours of footage) follows a dozen or so of the young people, mostly migrants from neighboring Anhui province, employed in these mini-factories. Their circumstances are harsh, their surroundings dystopian. The Happiness Road lot could easily be repurposed as the backdrop for a blockbuster sci-fi set in the aftermath of an extinction-level event. And yet much of the film is noisy with chatter, flirtations, in-jokes: a cheerfulness tempered by the suspicion that, like the pounding music, such banter exists largely as a distraction from the numbing daily grind. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

 Got a couple of notices from Blogger this morning that a couple of my posts 'violated community guidelines'. The first one contained a link to a site that Google has identified as a malware site, the other one, well, I don't know exactly why I got a warning.


     As you may know, our Community Guidelines 
( describe the boundaries for what we 
allow-- and don't allow-- on Blogger. Your post titled "Drugs & Money" was 
flagged to us for review. This post was put behind a warning for readers 
because it contains sensitive content; the post is visible at Your blog readers 
must acknowledge the warning before being able to read the post/blog.

     We apply warning messages to posts that contain sensitive content. If 
you are interested in having the status reviewed, please update the content 
to adhere to Blogger's Community Guidelines. Once the content is updated, 
you may republish it at
This will trigger a review of the post.

     For more information, please review the following resources:

     Terms of Service:
     Blogger Community Guidelines:


     The Blogger Team

The post in question is from 2014 and is a speculative post about the economics of the illegal drug business. Could it be that I'm not allowed to talk about the American Drug Cartel?

Update a week later: Deleted the link to the compromised website from one post, did nothing to the one about the illegal drug business, resubmitted them to the great and powerful Oz and both were reinstated.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

YouTube Shorts

10 videos


Transcribed from smartphone video by Happy Scribe Audio Transcription Service. I was surprised I had to jump through so many hoops to get here. Shoot, I can dictate messages to my smartphone and it can figure out what I am saying, and it does a pretty good job of it. But dictating messages is kind of a pain. I used to be able to send them to my email account, but something changed and that doesn't work anymore, so now it's select, copy and paste into a Gmail, which gets saved in the Drafts folder, or paste into a Google Doc. Either one is fine, I can access them from my desktop computer which has a FULL SIZE FREAKING KEYBOARD and munge the text around to my hearts content. What I really want is an audio transcriber, but this is all I have found so far. There might be another way, shoot Gmail may allow it, but I haven't gone there yet, I'm too busy wandering around out in the weeds.

Anyway, I recorded a video, but I wasn't happy with the way it turned out, so I thought I'll get a computer to extract the text for me and I'll take a look at it. Here is the text after I made a first pass through it:

People are looking for more power. People are always looking for more power. And once you get near the top of the heap, you have to keep getting more power because if you don't, the next guy below you is going to be taking over your spot in the hierarchy. So everybody is clawing their way to the top as fast as they can. There are two scales that are useful when comparing people. One is the ability to work with things, and the other scale is the ability to work with people. Being able to work with things gives you a man living in the woods alone. Being able to work with people gives you Genghis Khan, who murdered a bazillion people back before the dawn of time. Kind of curious that.

I got more to say about it, but my life is impacting my ability to produce anything meaningful, so you get this technical exercise report instead.


Monday, May 15, 2023

The Yellow Birds - Netflix Movie

The Yellow Birds Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers
Rotten Tomatoes Trailers

Bartles and Murphy are a couple of young guys in the US Army in Iraq, that desert hellhole overun with Jihadist mofos. We assume some people can handle being in combat and some people can't. Maybe nobody can. Maybe everyone who goes into combat comes out deranged to some extent. Anyway, Murph can't handle it and when a female US nurse gets killed he becomes lost, mentally. They go out on patrol and he wanders off. The bad guys grab him, kill him and mutilate his body. His squad spends hours looking for him. Eventually his sargeant and Bartles find him, but instead of recovering his body they send his body floating down a river, supposedly because of the mutilation. Maybe the book gives a better explanation, but the movie is a little weak.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

THE MOTHER - Netflix Movie

THE MOTHER Trailer (2023) Jennifer Lopez
Movie Coverage

Pretty much all action. The only non-action was the couple of dozen words of dialog between mother and daughter and the moral judgement that trafficking people is worse than dealing arms. Some people have limits to the rules they will transgress, some people don't. Jennifer is nice to see even if she is a mean killing machine.

Beautiful female assassin falls out with a couple arms merchants when she finds they are not just dealing arms but also people and blows the whistle. Naturally they want revenge, but when they can't find her they kidnap her daughter from middle America and take her to Cuba. Jennifer, who has been in hiding in Alaska for the last 12 years goes on the warpath. The FBI agent that she saved the last time she was in a shootout with the bad guys goes with her. They catch up with one of the kidnappers and after a lengthy chase through the streets of Havana, a chase that involves a motorbike, a car and a bunch of running, mom nails the villain with the car. Using standard US military interrogation techniques i.e. waterboarding, the villain gives up the head villain's hideout - La Plantacion. Mom knocks him over and he dies a gruesome death when is impaled on a broken bottle.

They visit La Plantacion where they shoot a dozen bad guys, rescue the daughter, and then the head bad guy gets the drop on mom. Of course he does. But she taunts him, he reacts and ends up dead. I don't recall exactly how he died. Maybe FBI shot him.

On their way to return daughter to her Midwest foster family, the other big baddy attacks. Jennifer shows up a minute later. A puddle of gasoline has been accumulating under one of the wrecks. With a flick of her lighter mom sets the gasoline ablaze and in the ensuing confusion mother and daughter make their getaway on a big, powerful motorcycle that she picked up at their last stop for gas and snacks. She returns to her Alaskan hideout with reluctant daughter in tow. Once there, mom starts teaching her 12 year old daughter how to survive, including how to shoot and hunt. One day there is an accident and a trip to the doctor and now daughter's name is in the great medical industrial computer system. And of course that one bit of information is enough to alert the bad guy, so in short order he shows up with a platoon of henchmen.

Now we've got a gang of thugs on snowmobiles blasting through the woods. I haven't seen the like since that old James Bond movie, or maybe it was on old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Mom takes out the thugs one two three, and then we have our final showdown, except daughter shows up and shoots the bad guy. Just kidding, she shoots him with rock salt, which knocks both mom and the baddie down a hillside. Mom hits her head on a rock and the big baddie makes off with the daughter. Mom recovers just in time to see them driving off so now she has to shoot the bad guy who is at least 100 yards away, maybe 200, while he is driving. He's not going too fast, but it's a rough road. It's an impossible shot, but she is the king of the killers and while it takes her two or three shots, she does connect and kill the big baddie and her daughter is unscathed. Daughter is reunited with her foster family and mom goes on her merry way.

Psycho 69

Black Pistol Fire - Look Alive (Official Music Video)
Black Pistol Fire

I'm listening to this song and I hear 'how for will you go girl' and '69' and I'm wondering if this some sexually explicit bullshit, which would be bad because I kind of like the tune, but I don't need any sexual references, the world is full of that shit. So I go read the lyrics and I find 'How far will you go now In my Psycho 69?' Then I pull up the video and holy toledo - that's a 69 Chevelle! That was the year I got out of high school and me and my friends were some speed crazed monkeys and the SS Chevelle was A number one! So now we have the video here. 

P. S. I suspect that the car in the video is actually a 67 Chevelle. Close enough for government work.


Legal Defense Funds

A few days ago Daniel Perry killed a lunatic on the NYC subway. His legal defense fund has raised over a million dollars

If you Google "january 6th defense fund" you get one to link the actual site and then a bunch of sites about how Trump ripped off $250 million from somebody. 

If you go to the January 6th Legal Defense Fund site, there isn't much there. It's barely even a website. This case has been going on for over two years, and this is the best they can come up with?

The January 6 Legal Defense Fund has a page on Give Send Go, but I think there must be something wrong with these people. They have raised $200K, but their goal is only $750K. They have fighting Congress for two years and that's all the money they have raised? Fighting with Congress entails hours-days-weeks-months of sitting and waiting for the windbags to finish what they are saying. Lawyers charge by the hour. How much windbaggage are you going to be able to absorb with $200K. Probably used that all up in the first month. I'd say they probably need more like 100 million to defend all of the defendants against our mafia controlled Congress.

So my question is: why hasn't the Jan 6th Legal Defense Fund gotten their act together?

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Friday, May 12, 2023

Mission To Paris - Incident at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin, Germany

I'm Reading Mission To Paris by Alan Furst. It takes place just before the German invasion of France at the beginning of World War 2. Frederick Stahl, an American actor working on a movie in Paris, attends a banquet in Berlin with a German actress. At the banquet when they agree to meet later in her quarters, they are overheard by a waiter. At first they don't seem to be too concerned, snotty little waiter, at worst it will just be a little gossip for the tabloids. Stahl, we find out later, doesn't leave a tip, which given the situation is probably an attempt to further irritate the waiter who's already annoyed that they're going off and having illegal assignations without him. You know, who do they think they are? Naughty upper class twits? So that's all there is at this point, it's just celebrities versus the paparazzi. But now Stahl goes up to our actress's room and hands over $250,000 Francs that he has carried in his coat and pockets all the way from Paris. So they are really up to no good but not the kind of no good that the waiter was expecting, I don't think. Probably should mention that they are in the on the top floor of the hotel and she is in the Hitler Suite and I think he is in the Bismarck Suite, it's, you know, the creme de La Creme of Nazi Germany. WTF? But now the waiter comes by Stahl's room and wants a payoff to keep quiet, he wants 10,000 Reichs marks. Stahl agrees to pay him, he calls the actress who comes over and talks to him, goes out, gets the money and brings it back. Stahl is going to go pay off the waiter, but the actress insists on going along. They go to the waiters room knock on the door and he lets them in. He's sitting in a chair cleaning his nails. Stahl hands him the money and then he and the actress both apologize, something that the weasely little waiter wasn't expecting. But then in the middle of Stahl's apology the actress shoots the waiter with the gun she had in her purse that's got a silencer on it. I was so not expecting that. I did not see it coming and when it happened I was so surprised I laughed out loud. Now I'm wondering if maybe the actress had a long-standing grudge against this waiter and this whole charade was setup by the actress so she could execute this snotty little weasel. 



Photo by Brandon Woelfel. He has a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube. This scene shows up just after the four minute mark.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Ten YouTube Short Videos

Ten  YouTube Short Videos

I posted links to a few short videos a few days ago. This time I thought I would try putting them in a playlist. I was bookmarking them, so now when I want to add them to a playlist I need to:

  • open the bookmark
  • copy the video URL (right click)
  • paste URL and go (another right click)
  • click on Save and
  • check the check box on the correct list.
I could save a couple of clicks if I just skipped bookmarking them in the first place, but I'm sort of stuck right now because I have a bunch of them bookmarked. I kind of like the playlist idea because they are posted on my YouTube channel, so you don't have to go digging through the blog to find them. I should put up a link in the sidebar. Shoot, I've got some major housekeeping to do. I've been neglecting it for a long time. Well, we shall see if I get a round toit. Make sure it's one of them round ones, we don't need no square toits.

I was going to try grouping them by category but the subject matter varies so much I felt I would have had a zillion categories, each with a single video.

P. S. I was just looking at my YouTube channel again and there is a list of 'Liked' videos. Shoot, let's just make that one public. But it won't let me. Odd.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Quote of the Day

Walled Compound in the Dordogne, Aquitaine, France

"The eating finger eats, and having eaten, moves on." I did always like a walled compound, but then i always get tired of the things I admired once they are acquired. - Uniberp

This quote tested my Google-fu. It's very difficult to find a picture of a walled compound. I was not able to find an image of an 'eating finger'.

Hachet Dream

Ax juggling
Daniel Archuletta

This dream happened yesterday and when I woke up I remembered it in detail, but as time went by most of that detail faded into oblivion. However, the core of the story stuck with me, so I'm going to relate it here and then maybe I can quit thinking about it.

I am outside amongst a large gathering of people, like a music festival, or a campground. It's a party atmosphere and everyone seems to be having a good time, or at least no one is making trouble. A group of guys are fooling around and one of them tosses a hachet in the air. It goes up at least 30 feet, but instead of it going straight up and coming straight down (like it would if he was showing off to his chums how talented / stupid he is) it follows an arc and comes down about 30 feet away. When it lands it hits a young girl in the back of the thigh. It lands blade first and is stuck in her thigh. It is oriented lengthwise, i.e. the blade its parallel to the long axis of the leg. I pick her up and tell the concerned audience that I am taking her to the emergency room. She is lying prone in my arms, the same position she was on the ground. One woman pipes up and says 'shouldn't we give her some antibiotics?'. I repeat that I am taking her to the emergency room.

Headline of the Day

Immortal Regiment march on May 9, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia © Sputnik / Sputnik/Vadim Anzupov

EU state to issue fines for celebrating WW2 victory over Nazis

Understandably, Estonia has mixed feelings about the Soviet victory over the Nazis. Title is from RT, the Russian propaganda machine. I don't really understand what's going on in Ukraine. America says Russia's attack was unprovoked, Russia says you done crossed the line with your provocations. I suspect both Russia and America are actually worried about China and decided to have a proxy war to try out their new weapons. I mean, there's no substitute for testing under fire. Also lets them beat the war drum and so drum up more funding for new armaments.

George Tooker

Lunch, by George Tooker, 1964

George Tooker, magic realist. Flares into Darkness has posted a selection of his paintings. Might be described as creepy modern life.

Bendix Air Data Computer

Bendix Air Data Computer - Part 1: First Look Inside

My dad worked on guidance systems for Boeing when I was in elementary school. I never had much of an idea of what he worked on, but now, thanks to CuriousMarc, I am beginning to get some idea of how these things worked. It helps to have a grounding in the basics of how mechanical computers work with their gears and cams and all. There are some old WW2 Naval instructions videos up on YouTube that explain their basic principles of operation. But these guys put it all together. Pretty great.

Bendix Air Data Computer - Part 2: Master Ken Explains (re-upload)

Bendix Air Data Computer - Part 3: Intro to Synchros

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Springs? We don't need no steenking springs.

Troy Corser destroys the field on 89-year-old bike
Goodwood Road & Racing

Troy Corser (famous motorcycle maniac) on a 1936 BMW R5SS stormS from 7th to 2nd in the 2018 Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy. (The video title is wrong - in 2018 the bike would have been 82 years old)

I've been studying up on old motorcycles. It's like any technical subject, there is an endless supply of information and if you aren't careful it will suck you in and you will never be heard from again. However, I'm not finding much in the way of videos. Found lots of walk-arounds of old bikes and people starting old bikes, but not much in the way of stories, at least not ones that tickled my fancy, not until I got to this one. Reminds me of a Russian land speed record attempt.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Belascoarán - Netflix Series

Belascoarán | Tráiler oficial | Netflix
Netflix Latinoamérica

Belascoarán is a short series, three episodes, about an engineer who kicks over the traces and decides to become an independent investigator. It's kind of a goof-ball, comic book style show. Great fun running around Mexico City fighting the forces of evil.

While investigating a serial killer, he picks up a stalker / client in the form of a girl who drives a Ford Maverick in stock car races. A Ford Maverick, that's a car I hadn't thought about since forever, and I certainly never thought of them as any kind of hot rod. I always thought of them as dumpy looking economy cars.

Mexican Shelby Ford Maverick

Evidently Mexico appreciated the Maverick a bit more, Carroll Shelby did a version for Mexico.

In the second episode, the bad guys have taken some radioactive steel waste that they were supposed to bury in the desert and are turning it into rebar to be used in building a children's hospital. Didn't find any references to it, and it's kind of weird, but not impossible.

In the third episode, Hector and his girlfriend are supposed to fly to Los Angeles for the weekend. He doesn't go, he has to stay and fight the bad guys. Irene flies to L. A. but comes home a day early and so escapes the crash of Western Airlines Flight 2605.


Trailer Park Boys - The Kittyman Sea Shanty
Trailer Park Boys

This is how a sea shanty should be sung. I mean, if you were singing sea shanties. In memory of Gus who left us yesterday.

Junkyard Man, the French Version

This Man Turned a Car Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert
The Great Big Story

I remember coming across this story several years ago. Today I think it's worth posting.

Monday, May 1, 2023

San Francisco Hellscape

California Bob reports: 

Daughter is signed up for ice skating lessons downtown, so I've been spending Saturday mornings in downtown SF, after not having been in some time.

Can confirm the media reports that it's completely trashed. Notice the candy wrapper wantonly discarded on the lawn:
Trash in San Francisco Park

(Just kidding, that's Tickles' poop bag, I staged this hellscape.)

Tickles is their dog. He also posted several photos of details of some buildings. Pretty cool, especially the Hills Brothers guy.

Interesting to hear from someone who actually lives there as opposed to all the hysteria that comes from some corners of the internet.

BYD Chinese Electric Car

World’s Best Selling Electric Car | BYD
Supercar Blondie

China Market Share of Top Five Automotive Brands 

The car is full of cute little gimmicks which I imagine will appeal to some people, but the company seems to know something about batteries, so we might be seeing better batteries soon.

Scott Motorcycles

1936 Scott Motorcycle

Scott motorcycles are unusual for their time: parallel twin, not a V-twin, water cooled, not air-cooled, two stroke, not four stroke, rotary valves. Scott also made supercharged version of this bike.

If all that doesn't tickle your fancy, take a look at this one:

1936 Scott Three

It's an inline three cylinder engine with unit gearbox. 

Did not find much about the man or the company, but there are still bikes available.