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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Took my wife and kids to see 300 last night. A fine film. I wish I could find out more about the historical accuracy. Did the king's wife really kill the traitor in senate chambers? Unlikely? Maybe not. And what was with the bottomless pit (that they dropped the Persian messenger in)? Is that just another bit of historical license? And were their shields really bronze? And what about the Persian's arrows? What did they use for arrowheads? Stone or metal? One web page I found led me to believe the arrowheads were stone. Could those bronze shields really withstand an onslaught of stone tipped arrows?

I suspect that the shields, swords and spears carried by the Spartans cost their economy as much as a modern jet fighter costs ours.

I wonder what a hail of arrows would really look like. Would it really turn the sky dark? Or would they more like invisible? If you had a army, for all practical purposes infinite, how many arrows could you launch at a single target at the same time, that is within a few seconds of each other?

People have not changed much. Guns are just really long spears.