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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Better Medical Billing

I have an idea for an accounting related business that I think has good prospects.

Basically the idea is that I hate having to deal with medical bills. If I
hate it, that leads me to suspect that there are other people who hate it
too. It's something many of has have to deal with, any many of us hate. So
maybe there is a business opportunity here.

The idea is collect all of a persons medical bills and insurance statements
and verify that they agree, and then send one monthly bill to the person for
them to pay.

To make this a viable business you would need to be automated as possible,
which would mean computers and someone to keep them operating. You would
also need someone who knows the ins and outs of medical billing.

How would you make any money off of this? One way would be to combine it
with a credit card. As soon as the bill is verified as correct, we would pay
the Doctor's. They might be willing concede one or two percent for prompt

On the other hand, people who have to deal with these bills might be willing
to pay a monthly or annual fee to have these issues resolved.

The big question is how many people would be interested, and how many would
be willing to pay a fee?