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Monday, April 7, 2003

Good Job

What you want are lots of interviews. Doesn't really matter where or for what position. Point is to get out and talk to people. Always learn something from an interview, even if it's just that you don't want to work there.WHO would you like to work for? Are there any companies that are doing anything interesting? I wouldn't put any stock in a companies reputation as "being a good place to work". The kind of stuff caters to the lowest common denominator, which means stability, order, and good benefits.I find that the manager you work for makes all the difference in the world. Great company, lousy manager, your life will suck. Rotten company, good manager, life couldn't be better.- What kind of work do you enjoy?- What companies in your area need that kind of help?- Which ones seem to be the most dynamic?Call em up and ask for a tour. Tell them you are writing a book. Don't tell them you are looking for a job. If you don't get any leads, you can always write the book.