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Friday, November 18, 2005

James Bond

My life is becoming a James Bond movie...

I took Dad to the eye doctor this morning. Farthest he's had to walk since he got back on his feet. Drove to the doctor's office, Dad used the walker to walk into the building and down the hall to the exam room. It was clear in the back. He was moving slowly and I was following close behind in case he lost his balance. The exam room was clear in the back, so it took a long time to get there. I am doing this very slow swing step, trying to see if I can move smoothly and continuously at this slow rate, and I realize I have seen this in a movie somewhere...

It was an early James Bond film that was set in New Orleans. There was a funeral procession coming down the street, band was playing, ladies were wailing, and they were all moving very slowly, very similar to what I was doing moving down the hall.

Yesterday they were hooting and hollering up at the front of the office so I went to investigate. They were laughing at some clips from "You're the man now, dog" website. Seems there was an outtake from "Finding Forester" where Sean Connery points at his black co-star, and says "You're the man now, dog", so some guy used the phrase to found a web site. Their version of the Llama Song doesn't have the original images, a very poor copy it is. The original can be found here:

Previously Dad had been using two kinds of eye drops to control the pressure in his eye. The doctor says they do the same thing but work through different mechanisms. Dad has only been using Timolol for about a week, but the doctor says the pressure in his eye is fine. We only got the Timolol, because Dad mentioned that his vision was getting worse. Doctor asked him to
come back in four months for a more thorough exam. Dad's vision isn't great, but he claims he can read newsprint with his reading glasses. I don't know if that is true, but it might be.

I'm talking to some of guys at work today and Neil, our accountant, comes up and starts doing this side step thing. I'm not quite sure what it's about but it looks just like Odd Job from Goldfinger. There is the fight scene at the end of the movie where Mr. Bond and Mr. Job are locked inside Fort Knox with all the gold and the nuclear bomb. Odd Job is beating the tar out of James until James picks up Mr. Odd's hat. All of sudden Odd Job's demeanor changes. Before he was a contemptuous bully, now he is wary, stepping very carefully, and that is exactly what Neil looked like.