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Monday, February 9, 2004

This and That

Ross and I went skiing two weeks ago up at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. I was going to take Johnny up this weekend, but I had too much going on and couldn't cope, so we postponed it till next weekend.

Stayed home and took it easy this weekend. Spent all last weekend hooking up a computer network in our house. We now have four computers all connected to the Internet using one DSL connection. Still have to set up Email and printers and file sharing, but it will have to wait.

We had a visitor at work from Australia for a couple of days. He likes one of our products so much he is working on an improved version for us. I'm not quite sure whether this means more work for me or less, which makes me a little edgy, because I seem to have more work to do than can possibly be accomplished in the next hundred years.

Ross's basketball team had a tournament this week. They won the quarter-final on Tuesday, and the semi-final on Thursday night. The final was on Saturday. What a game! My Dad went with me to watch. I was hoarse from yelling by the end of the game. It was neck and neck the whole game, one team not managing to get more than a few points ahead of the other. At the end of the fourth quarter is was tied. Ross's team finally won in the second overtime period.

Ross and I watched a Science Fiction movie called 'Avalon' Saturday night. Movie was made in Poland, had English subtitles and Japanese computer graphics. The movie was about a woman involved in playing a virtual reality computer game. Most of the movie was shown in not-quite-black-and-white, and had a gritty Eastern European flavor to it. But when the heroine reaches the top level of the game, everything turns to full color, full sound and full
of life. Just a little odd.

John prepared a Science Fair project about electricity. His teachers were so impressed that he is one of five students from his school selected to go exhibit at the science fair at Liberty High School. Good job, Johnny.

Kathryn and Anne spent all day Saturday at a dance clinic in Northeast Portland. Left the house at seven AM and didn't get home till after six at night. Finally got the Christmas lights down off the house yesterday.