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Notes on Coalescent by Stephen Baxter

Found this file from 2012 buried on my hard drive. I think I transcribed this from two pages of hand written notes, hence the ONE and TWO headings.


Amalfi - town in Italy
Piazzo Spirito Santo
Via Cristoforo Colombo
Rhine froze over
General Mark Clark
Piazza del Campidoglio
Capitoline Hill
Lake Worth
Palm Beach

p. 167
I did well at North American. I was in the right place at the right time. We believed we could achieve anything, on any scale, if we worked hard enough, with our flow charts and schedules and critical paths. Why not? That was how we won the war, and how we managed Project Apollo Four hundred thousand people, all across the country, all doing their tiny part - but all controlled from the centre, all those resources pouring in, like building a mountain out of grains of sand, a huge mountain you could climb all the way to the moon.

p. 178 Old King Coel, rumored to be the last of the Roman commanders,

p. 187 riothamus, Saxons, Hengest, Vortigern
p. 189 Artorius - Ar-thur-ius

p. 193 By sixty years after the death of Christ Londinium had grown into a city big enough to worth being burned down by Boudicca.


p. 205 The Order made its own rag paper, once manufactured by breaking up
cloth in great pounding animal-driven pestles, but now directly from cottom in
a room humming with high-speed electrical equipment. It was medieval
technology. But the rag paper, acid free, marked by special non-corrosive
inks, would last far longer then any wood-pulp paper. The Order had little
faith in digital archives, already there were difficulties accessing records
from older, obsolescent generations of computer and storage media.If you were serious about challenging time, rag paper was the way to do it.

p. 216 Myrddin - Merlin?

p. 220 ... the three little worn statues perhaps older than this piled-up fortress itself, ...

p. 232 1527 - Sacco di Roma - the sack of Rome

p. 236 Druid Calendar ... 16 columns, each representing four months. The sheet covered a five year cycle. ... the sheet was one of a set that made up a complete nineteen-year calendar, ...

p. 240 description of iron making

p. 259 ... the dun of Lud, the god of the water . . .

p. 260 And I must save her from Galba, and his mind like a sink of stupidity and superstition.

p. 261 sword Chalybs - Excaliber?

p. 262 ... Saxons' destruction of the town of Calleva Atrebatum.

p. 270 Law of Sod

p. 276 lighthouse in Rome constructed by Emperor Claudius, who had conquered Britain

p. 278 negotiatores

p. 280 Brica couldn't leave Regina's side no matter how much she wanted to.

p. 283 But here in Rome there were families that had spent a thousand years accruing wealth.

p. 284 The Romans had a saying - It costs money to sleep here. They were right.

p. 285 Few of them noticed the carved figures of defeated barbarians who peeered down from the tops of the columns that ringed the piazza, images of the ancestors of these confident shoppers, symbols of an arrogant past.

p. 293 PP about the mind.

p. 302 Vestal Virgins

p. 318 PP about rejection of babies

p. 319 throwing the torch !?!?

p. 331 PP about making concrete

p. 346 susurrus

p. 350 battle of Mount Badon

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