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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Chuck Pergiel

Trying to pull the shed corner to the final position at the max pull of the cheap marine winch i bought years ago that didn't work for squat at least resulted in this cool sound. - Uniberp

Happy Hour

Lively discussion at happy hour last night. I made notes because I am looking for some science fiction to read and we're looking for concerts to attend this summer.

Science Fiction Books

Science Fiction Authors


Friday, July 12, 2024


SpaceX upper stage anomaly

How is it that we even have pictures like this? We are walking way out on the edge and there ain't no net.

Alec Baldwin

Judge throws out Alec Baldwin manslaughter case
Why am I hearing about this from RT? Oh, if might be because I won't pay for subscriptions to known liars like the Washington Post and The New York Times.

I thought this was a bullshit case from day one which was what, two years ago? It's taken this long for the courts to figure out it was bullshit? It did draw a lot of attention and now I wonder if that wasn't the plan all along. Everyone knew the case was bullshit, but if you are playing with firearms you need to be careful. By dragging this out across the headlines for however many months they did, they may have impressed all the Hollywood prop guys that you can't be messing around. So maybe all this bullshit did some good.

Ukrainian Language

RT has the story: Ukrainian children still speaking Russian – regulator

Here's an excerpt:

Since gaining its independence in 1991, Ukraine has largely been a bilingual nation, with most citizens able to speak or understand both Russian and Ukrainian, particularly in the eastern half of the country. After the 2014 US-backed coup in Kiev, however, Ukraine’s new authorities abolished Russian as an official regional language and have adopted policies aimed at suppressing and outlawing it, arguing that it represents a threat to national unity and security. 

In 2019, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law requiring Ukrainian to be used exclusively in nearly all aspects of public life, including education, entertainment, politics, business and the service industry, obliging all Ukrainian citizens to know the language. It also requires that 90% of TV and film content produced in the country be made in Ukrainian. From July 17, the use of the Russian language in Ukrainian media will be virtually outlawed, Kremen has said.

This forced Ukrainization was one of the reasons why Russian-speaking residents living in the east of the country rejected the post-coup authorities in Kiev in 2014. Many of these regions, namely the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, have since joined Russia after overwhelmingly voting to do so in public referendums in 2022.

There is something wrong with Ukraine, well, there are many things wrong with Ukraine, many of which are caused by the dunderheads in Washington D. C., but this kind of thing makes me think there is some fundamental problem that made all the chaos possible.

There was a bunch of noise in the USA a few years back with people complaining about immigrants not speaking English. That seems to have died out. Was there a court ruling? I don't remember, but Spanish crops up now and again, it helps when you are dealing with working people as opposed to my fellow retirees (useless twerps, the lot of them). My Spanish is limited. When people ask if I speak Spanish I like to trot out my favorite phrase: 'Una mas cerveza fria por favor'. Yes, beer is feminine. I had to check.

Thursday, July 11, 2024


Tam points out this story:

Cops: The Young versus The Old

over on Active Response Training. Good story.


Abandoned Planet: Aerojet Everglades
Abandoned Planet

I remember reading something about this place a while back. This video doesn't have much, but it does give us a bit of the story. The part about the Apollo Program ($257 billion) costing more than the Manhattan Project ($2 billion) was a surprise. The price of gold during the Manhattan Project and at the beginning of the Apollo Program was $35 an ounce. By the end of the Apollo Program the price of gold had tripled, so the $257 billion amount is slightly inflated, but we can pretty safely say the Apollo Program cost roughly one hundred times as much as the Manhattan Project. All the stories about life on the home front during WW2 are all about rationing and shortages of everything. By contrast America was living the high life during the Apollo Program. Funny how a little injection of government spending  during WW2 jump started the economy to the point that we could shoot the moon and not even notice.

Abandoned Aerojet Dade Rocket Facility

We're way down at the tip of Florida.