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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antikythera Mechanism made of Lego

Not too long ago Roberta X posted a video of a functional replication of Charles Babbage's computing machine made out of Meccano. Poking around on the web this afternoon I came across this video of a functional duplicate of the Antikythera Mechanism made out of Legos.

I put up not one, but two other posts about this device. Turns out that the guy who made the Lego version also made a Lego version of Babbage's machine.

Meanwhile Jo Marchant (who wrote the book Decoding The Heavens) tells us that maybe the design is not Greek, but Babylonian, and may be centuries older than we thought.

1 comment:

AndrewP said...

You've known about this and were keeping it a secret???? (other than noting it in your public blog)
What other secrets of the Ancients are you keeping to yourself???
I'm amazed....I had no idea....bronze geared computing machines 2000 years ago.... but then I shouldnt be, I know you. :)