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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The reason the world is such a mess, other than it's full of people, is that the national security of the USA is in the hands of professionals. This started when WW2 came along and we decided to jump in with both feet. That was such a success that we turned the whole war machine over to the military and let them run essentially unchecked. Further, they have sold their outlook to every president who has some along, and the presidents have continued to let them run. It's like a runaway train. It's really scary to anyone who is alongside the tracks when it comes by (god forbid you should actually be on the tracks), and it might seem that way at first to the guy who climbs into the cab, but once you get your hands on the controls and feel the power at your command it becomes a rush and you get sucked into the whole 'the military is the way, the truth and the light', and off we go charging into one swamp after another. It's going to take a hell of a man (person) to pull in the reins on this cabal of vipers.

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